Yukiko's story


Yukiko... Performing Artist and Healer

Born to perform, Yukiko's natural dancing and singing began in Japan when she was five years old. With the hope to heal her sickened grandmother, Yukiko secretly opened her mother's cosmetic drawer, put on her lipstick and her kimono, (of course, the kimono was very long) and danced and sang for her grandmother in bed. At the age of ten, she told her mother that she was going to America someday.

As young adult she grew up falling in love with American music and the dance forms from the West. She studied ballet, modern, jazz, tap dance and choreography. After teaching in college and communities as a Jazz dance instructor for a few years, she left Japan with her final fundraising performance of her own dance company. In support of UNICEF, Yukiko choreographed 13 dance pieces. She moved to New York in 1986.

In New York, Yukiko first devoted herself in training as a singer and dancer. As a dancer, she studied Ballet with Peff Modelski and Liane Plane, Jazz dance with Luigi and Patricia Lockery, Tap dance with Germaine Salsberg and Lesley Lockery. As a singer, Yukiko studied with Dee Martin for song interpretation, Anne Marie Moss for song styling and Jazz, and Mary Ellen Callahan for breath technique. Yukiko deeply appreciates the training she received at the beginning of her life in America from New York Speech Improvement Services and the book "The Use and Training of The Human Voice" by Arthur Lessac, both of which have helped her achieve freedom in speaking and singing.

Throughout her life in New York, Yukiko has expressed her creativity through cabaret and film, and as visiting singer to people's homes, writing, facilitating workshops on realizing dreams, and photography and makeup artistry. Her repertoire as a vocalist includes over 100 songs of American old time favorites from Standards, songs from the '60s, '70s, '80s, '90s, Inspirational songs, Christmas Carols, Broadway show tunes, Spanish and Japanese songs. Yukiko's one woman sold-out cabaret show at Don't Tell Mama was reviewed in the popular Japanese press and she was described as the first Japanese cabaret performer whose talent for creative programming, energetic performance and gifted communication reach both American and Japanese audiences. 

Yukiko co-hosted renowned Zinc Bar's Thursday Open Mic where she gained popularity as vocalist and host. Many followers eagerly await her very own Open Mic and for that purpose, Yukiko always seeks a venue available in Manhattan. She places her value in Open Mic where people from all walks of life come together in music. Yukiko is the creator of the website, OpenMicJam (under reconstruction) where singers and musicians from other states and countries can easily find the places to perform and network in New York.

Yukiko is the daughter of a master Reiki practitioner in a traditional Japanese family, and studied interfaith ministry with Rabbi Joseph Gelberman. She was ordained as a modern interfaith minister in 2007. While pursuing her career as performing artist, Yukiko provides her healing services from home. In December 2016 Yukiko launched her YouTube channel dedicated to Japan. She sings for the people of Japan from her living room in New York City. 

Yukiko's new work under Hope For Japan includes her previous teachings under Your True Self and the work under Learn Japanese NYC. As of February 2020 her messages attract over 6,500 followers across the globe. 

While preserving the memories of the 2011 Tohoku calamity, Yukiko strives to promote creativity and healing through her performing arts career, messages of love, hopes, and inspiration. 


Yukiko's ultimate goal is to cross back over the bridge from America to Japan bringing like-minded performers in the grand forms of music and dance performing arts. By bringing love in the form of powerful creative expression Yukiko aims to foster healing and growth in her home country Japan and her adopted home America.

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